To What Extent Do Shadows Influence How We Inhabit Spaces: Understanding How Louis Kahn Chooses L...

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To What Extent Do Shadows Influence How We Inhabit Spaces: Understanding How Louis Kahn Chooses Light by Mind Map: To What Extent Do Shadows Influence How We Inhabit Spaces: Understanding How Louis Kahn Chooses Light

1. Stephen Kite, Shadow-Makers: A Cultural History of Shadows in Architecture

1.1. How Will This Source Be Used ?

1.1.1. This was the initial source that began my enquiry. It presented Louis Kahn's Silence + Light lecture and his further ideas, along with some provoking thoughts about the future of shadows and their uses.

1.2. Topics

1.2.1. The Future of Shadows

1.2.2. Louis Kahn - Silence + Light

1.2.3. Treasury of Shadows

1.3. Central Question

1.3.1. How Has History and Theory Informed Architects Over Time ?

1.4. Important Passages

1.4.1. P.226 Understanding the order of shadows What Lies Between Idea and Reality

2. Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, In Praise of Shadows

2.1. How Will This Source Be Used ?

2.1.1. As an insight into the oritenal views on shadows, which the author insists have more beauty. Questioning why and comparing to Louis Kahn's ideas.

2.2. Topics

2.2.1. Materiality in Conjunction with Light

2.2.2. East Vs. West

2.3. Central Question

2.3.1. Why should propensity to seek beauty in darkness be stronger in the East ?

2.4. Important Passages

2.4.1. P.30 Ideas of Progressive West - 'The Quest for a brighter light never ceases'

2.4.2. P.5 Modern sanitation - prioritising efficiency over taste ? lacking affinity

3. Hélène Binet, Das Geheimnis des Schattens : Licht und Schatten in der Architektur = The Secret of the Shadow : Light and Shadow in Architecture

3.1. How Will This Source Be Used ?

3.1.1. By looking at the theory behind shadows I hope to gain an understanding of how they work, both in representation of the object they are cast from, but also in the way they diffuse into space.

3.2. Topics

3.2.1. Phenomena

3.2.2. Umbra/Penumbra of a Shadow

3.2.3. Philosophy Are shadows a distracting example of inferior appearance ? Reduction of a real object - Negative.

3.3. Central Question

3.4. Important Passages

3.4.1. P.35 Definining Shadow and Shade, 2D against 3D

3.4.2. P.48 Positive = Negative, perception is subdivided

3.4.3. P.70 Arranging Light and Shadow

3.4.4. P.72 3D Massing + Depth - Louis Kahn's 'Treasury of Shadows'


3.5.1. P.58 The shadow represents what the sun sees, not what we see

4. Kraig Binkowski, ‘Light and Wood: An Intimate and Human Space Within the Art Libraries of Louis I. Kahn’

4.1. How Will This Source Be Used ?

4.1.1. As an analysis of the private spaces within the libraries of Louis Kahn. These spaces are unique, using natural light fixtures to connect the inhabitant to the outside

4.2. Topics

4.2.1. Light - A Bridge Between Interior and Exterior

4.3. Central Question

4.3.1. How did Kahns work connect the interior spaces to the exterior world?

4.4. Important Passages

4.4.1. Light to theorize and to ground


4.5.1. 'Natural light has all the moods of the time of the day, the seasons of the year, [which] year for year and day for day are different from the day preceding.’

5. Theory

6. Practice

7. Louis I. Kahn, Silence and Light

7.1. How Will This Source Be Used ?

7.1.1. I discovered this through Shadow-Makers, It's the lecture Louis Kahn gave in full. I will use this to outline his thought process and approach to handling light within his structures

7.2. Topics

7.2.1. Desires To Be, To Express

7.2.2. Light, Giver of Presence

7.3. Central Statement

7.3.1. What characterizes one existence will form another

7.4. Important Passages

7.4.1. P.27

7.4.2. P.31 Feeling Silence

7.4.3. P.41 All Classes Need Not Be The Same


7.5.1. P.45 'When you decide on the structure, you're deciding on light'



9.1. Abstract

9.2. Intro

9.3. Silence and Light Lecture

9.4. Journey Through Kimbell Art Gallery

9.5. Comparisons To East

9.6. Conclusion