Near-future Goals

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Near-future Goals by Mind Map: Near-future Goals

1. I plan to save 75% of my earnings

1.1. from work

1.1.1. have this 75% in my savings account

1.2. from selling jewellery

2. Purchase a stand at a craft fair

3. I want to figure out the cost of living in university

3.1. how much i'll need for food

3.2. books

3.3. place to live

3.3.1. and divide my money to suit these needs

4. I want to invest 1000$

4.1. before the end of high school

5. I want to make 300+ dollars on the jewellery I've made

5.1. in 12 months

6. I plan to get a scholarship that is more than 1000$

6.1. to soften the university load on my parents

6.2. assure a more promising future for myself

6.3. money in exchange for intelligence= good deal.