Multicultural society in Malaysia

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Multicultural society in Malaysia by Mind Map: Multicultural society in Malaysia

1. 2020 - 32.7 milion

2. celebrate Chinese New Year

3. the third largest ethnic in Malaysia

4. Austronesian ethnic gathering local toward Eastern Sumatera of Indonesia, Peninsular Malaysia, Southern Thailand, waterfront Borneo

5. Population

6. Malay

7. Chinese

8. Indian

9. The Indigenous People of Sabah and Sarawak

10. Culture

11. Culture & Tradition

12. Do's and Dont's

13. Do's

14. Dont's

15. The Malays

16. The Chinese

17. The Indians

18. Sabah

19. Sarawak

20. the features and awareness of a specific community of people, including language, religion, cuisine, social activities, music, and the arts.

21. Malaysia is one among country within the world that has multicultural society, with Malays, Chinese and Indians living side by side.

22. The Malays are the biggest community. They are mostly Muslims, but there are also have Christians and Hindus amongst them.

23. Sabah

24. Sarawak

25. celebrate Deepavali/ Diwali

26. also called as Tamil

27. lion dance exhibitions

28. also known as Malaysia Chinese, "Orang Cina"

29. the second biggest ethnic

30. Mandarin is currently utilized as working language or Lingua Franca

31. has particullar sub-ethnic gathering know as Peranakan in Kelantan and Terengganu, Baba Nyonya in Malacca and Penang, Sino-Natives in Sabah

32. known as Melayu/ Melayu Asli

33. Celebrate Hari Raya

34. Islam as an official religion

35. prior Malayic speaking Austronesians

36. 2019-32.5 milion

37. Bumiputera- 69.6%

38. Chinese- 22.6%

39. Indian- 6.8%

40. Others- 1.0%

41. lighting firecrackers

42. get or give "angpao"

43. Smile when meeting people. Malaysians are renowned for his or her sunny personalities. Reciprocating their warmth are appreciated.

44. Try to refrain from interrupting or ‘filling in’ the silence during conversation.

45. The Malays even have a variant of Mancala parlor game referred to as Congkak. The typical game is played by moving stones, marbles, beads or shells around a wooden board made up of twelve or more holes.

46. Traditional Malay games usually require craft skills and sleight and may be traced their origins since the times of Malacca Sultanate

47. Unlike the Malays and Indians, the Chinese usually eat their food with chopsticks. The Chinese notice certain taboos and manners when eating with chopsticks.

48. These celebrations include the Lantern festival, the Dragon Boat festival, the Tomb festival, the Hungry Ghost festival, and therefore the Moon Cake festival.

49. One of the foremost popular types of Indian cuisine is from the Mamak community.

50. The Indian community celebrates two major festivals that make up one of the major Malaysian festivals – Deepavali, the Lights Festival, and Thaipusam,

51. Sabah is known everywhere the planet for its rich cultural heritage and also the festivals within the state constitute a major part.

52. Traditional Sabah Food could be a one in every of a form culinary roller coaster. These Sabahan foods include everything from jungle vegetables to the Butod worm.

53. Kolo mee could be a traditional Malaysian dish hailing from Sarawak.

54. Festival : Hari gawai, Kauh festival in Mukah, Mooncake festival and The Kapit Raft Safari

55. the biggest ethnic are Kadazan-Dusun, Bajau and Murut

56. live in longhouse and planted rice on the fruitful slopes and fields

57. larger part of Kadazan-Dusun are presently Catholics aanimist, some of them have changed to Islam

58. celebrate Pesta Keamatan/ Harvest Festival

59. Bajau-mostly Islam

60. Murut

61. have population more than 2.6 milions

62. a traveller, marine individuals, now and again alluded to Sea Gypsies

63. comprised about 26 distinctive ethnic gatherings

64. 2 greatest ethnic: Dayak and Bidayuh

65. others: Kenyah, Kayan, Punan, Kelabit

66. Chinese, the second largest in Sarawak

67. enhance with beautiful light and oil lights

68. road fairs

69. firecrackers

70. One Chinese traditional food is Yee Sang . Its basically raw fish served with salad and is typically eaten on the third or fourth day of the Chinese legal holiday celebration.

71. Chinese traditional music and dance are usually aired and performed during festivities like the Chinese year or when there's a funeral.

72. They make and sell Indian dishes like roti canai, nasi kandar, maggi goreng, and pasembur (Mamak rojak) that are unique to Malaysia.

73. Pesta Kaamatan is that the most well-liked festival of Sabah. It is the harvest festival of Dusuns and Kadazans held in May

74. Bambangan & Ikan Basung

75. Laksa Sarawak the dish was popularized by the Tan family from Kuching, somewhere between the 1960s and 1970s.

76. communicate in 15 particular dialects

77. basically living in their boat, Lepa-lepa

78. Hakka, Fu-chou, Cantonese, Hokkien

79. mostly Buddhists, Christians or Taoism