Religion affects the lives of its followers by...

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Religion affects the lives of its followers by... by Mind Map: Religion affects the lives of its followers by...

1. Peaceful Coexistence

1.1. As we learned, in Christianity, a follower's main goal is to get into heaven and according to the New Testament of the Christian bible lists the things you need to do to be blessed for to get into heaven. “How does this affect a Christian’s life and have to do with having a peaceful coexistence?” you may asked. Well in the New Testament, some of the rules have to do with having a peaceful coexistence. For an example the 9th statement on the New Testament states, "Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be named the children of God." Moving on back on how having a peaceful coexistence can affect the lives of its followers is that because they have to be peaceful, the follower has to approach life with a peaceful mindset in every situation in order to be blessed into heaven therefore affecting their life.

2. Moral Code

2.1. Christianity has a moral code which is the 10 commandments. As an example, In the 10 commandants, one of the rules is "Remember the sabbath day and keep it holy." A Christian always has to be holy according to those 10 commandments and this can be an effect because they will always live to have to resist themselves and carrying the pressure on their shoulders 24/7. Also, the 10 commandments can affect people because the people have to follow all of the moral code of the 10 commandments and if they can’t follow all of the rules they can’t achieve their main goal of getting into heaven giving the fact they have sinned for not following the entire 10 commandments.

3. Handling Adversity

3.1. Handling adversity can affect followers of Buddhism's life. This is because Buddhism is like handling suffering and according to the four noble truths to handle suffering you have to follow the Noble Eightfold Path. According to the first 2 noble truths, anything can cause suffering but it matters on how you handle that suffering and adversity which goes to the third and fourth noble truths. The third noble truths goes along the lines of, “with the craving that causes suffer, you need to have freedom from that carving, relinquish it, achieve non reliance with it.” And the fourth noble truth goes along the lines of “to end the suffering you have to follow the noble eightfold path which is having the right view, intentions, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration.” This can affect a follower's life in a good way because whenever they are going through misfortune or adversity, they know how to handle it whenever they are going through it which is following the noble eightfold path.