Religion affects the lives of its followers by...

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Religion affects the lives of its followers by... by Mind Map: Religion affects the lives of its followers by...

1. Sense Of Belonging: According to the 3rd document about the Hindu Caste System, it separated everyone in groups and put them depending on what level level they were. So a group would have the same type of people. No one would be weaker or stronger than the other. The Sudras is an example. They had, ¨Farmers, Merchants, Lawyers, doctors.¨ This really helped its followers in many ways. For most followers, being in a religion where everyone is connected to one another makes them feel like they are around people that understands them and they feel belonged to somewhere they can connect to. If they see people or hear someone talking about what they believe in, they feel belonged. They see that they are not the only ones there in the same situation.

2. Understanding Of Life: According to document 2, where they it has the Religion of Buddhists. It gives us their type of understanding of life, which is the Four Nobel Truths. Which was suffering. To them their reason of suffering was ¨ it is this carving which leads to renewed existence, accompanied by delight and lust, delight here and there that is, carving for sensual pleasures carving fro existence, carving for extermination.¨ Their solution to suffering was, ¨it is the remainderless fading away and cessation of that same carving, the giving up and relinquishing of it, freedom from it, nonreliance on it.¨ This basically says that religions give people a bigger picture of life and what it means. If they cherish someone that pretty much is the God of the religion, they hear their story, and hear what footsteps they walked on/took. Once they hear their stories they understand their existence. Understand why they are here and might even adapt the God´s footsteps to their own life.

3. Peaceful Coexistence: According to the New Testament, ¨ Religions give its followers a peaceful life.¨ It also stated, ¨Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.¨ Which basically said that it gives their followers a home where they can feel safe. It gives them a home where they can look up, down,left, and right see all type of people they can connect to. And overall they all believe in the same religion. It´s like being put with all the people you love in a single world.