Visual Aid

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Visual Aid by Mind Map: Visual Aid

1. What is that? Visual aid is anything can bring in a visual element to a talk or presentation

2. What is visual aid’s function? Help the audiences to focus on the our presentation’s points

3. Kind of visual aid Visual aids are items of visual manner. It’s can include powerpoint, video clip, diagrams, ghraps, photographs, handouts, and many others.

4. How to maximize visual aid using? There is one important point to mazimise visual aid using: make sure it simplifies your message.

5. Using of visual aid a. Ensure that the visual aids can be seen by everyone in the audience. b. Face the audience most of the time rather than the image. c. Avoid reading from the visual aid. d. As soon as you show the visual aid the audience's attention will be drawn to it so you must immediately explain it. You will be ignored if you talk about something else. e. Make it clear to the audience why you are using it. f. When you no longer need the visual aid ensure that the audience can't see it.

6. Preparation use of visual aid •Think about how can a visual aid can support your message. Ensure that your visual aid follows what you're saying or this will confuse the audience. •Avoid cluttering the image as it may look messy and unclear. •Visual aids must be clear, concise and of a high quality. •Keep the style consistent, such as, the same font, colours, positions etc •Use graphs and charts to present data. •The audience should not be trying to read and listen at the same time - use visual aids to highlight your points. •One message per visual aid, for example, on a slide there should only be one key point. •Use visual aids in moderation - they are additions meant to emphasise and support main points. •Ensure that your presentation still works without your visual aids in case of technical problems. •Practice using the visual aids in advance and ask friends and colleagues for feedback. Ask them whether they can clearly see the visual aid and how they interpret it.

7. This Mind Mapping creat by Victory Oki Panuntun/171224036