Video Games

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Video Games by Mind Map: Video Games

1. Arcade Games

1.1. Example of Arcade Games

1.1.1. Pump It Up

1.1.2. Dance Dance Revolution

1.1.3. Tekken

1.1.4. Street Fighter

1.2. Advantages of Arcade Games

1.2.1. Helps you stay fit Pump it up is an arcade game that requires players to move their feet along the beat of the music

1.2.2. Improves reflexes and muscle memory Tekken and Street Fighter are one of the games that requires players to use specific combos in order to properly play the game. This enhances player's memories.

1.3. Disadvantages of Arcade Games

1.3.1. Requires people to spend a lot of money. These games have a limited play time. To play more, it requires you to pay for it.

2. Rhythm Games

2.1. Example of Rhythm Games

2.1.1. osu!

2.1.2. Guitar Hero

2.1.3. Cytus

2.1.4. Project Diva

2.2. Advantages of Rhythm Games

2.2.1. Increases attention power of the player These rhythm games will enhance your focus during the gameplay and when you get good at it you can learn to pay attention in your day to day life

2.2.2. Enhances your ability to recognize timing and rhythm These games forces you to learn how to recognize rhythm in order to survive in the playtime. Therefore, the more you play it the more your ability gets further enhanced.

2.3. Disadvantages of Rhythm Games

2.3.1. Health Problems Eye Strain Playing these games makes you forget to blink. This results to making your eyes tired and dry after staring at the screen for too long. Wrist Pain osu! requires you to play with mouse of pen tablet. This makes your hand put a lot of pressure to move very fast.

3. Role Playing Games

3.1. Examples of Role Playing Games

3.1.1. Persona 5

3.1.2. Persona 4

3.1.3. Nier: Automata

3.1.4. Ib

3.2. Advantages of Role Playing Games

3.2.1. Gives you an ability to establish friendship and social skills Gives you an ability to establish friendship and social skills

3.2.2. Develops strategy and critical-thinking skills

3.3. Disadvantages of Role Playing Games

3.3.1. These games take a lot of time to finish This requires a lot of free time in you daily life in order to finish the story.