Should same sex marriage be legalized?

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Should same sex marriage be legalized? by Mind Map: Should same sex marriage be legalized?

1. Political Significance

1.1. Definition

1.1.1. The importance of an issue, Explains how people, ideas, and events contribute to political change in society. Analyses the degree to which political decisions represent turning points. Assesses the impact of a political decision or action made by a governing organization on a variety of stakeholders. Impact on the Future Generations This generation are the ones that are bringing up this political issue. This is very impactful for them , This will decide how they may grow up. Impact on Current Generation They want the best for the future generation. But a lot of people do not support them for many reasons. This causes lots of riots and problems. Them Not co-operating makes this a big issue that everyone has to deal with

2. Political Perspective

2.1. Definition

2.1.1. An explanation of why people and groups can hold different and sometimes opposite views about the same issue, event, person, or policy and how those views affect his/her actions. - Age - Gender - Religion - Beliefs LGBTQ2S+ Community The would like the legalization of same sex marriage due to the main problems is targeted towards this community. They would want the legalization of same sex marriage to be able to express themselves in a safe and legal way Straight Community The Motivators The Haters Next Generation They will have a free and open choice of what they want to do. they will not be forced into society with only one option. They would have different views than the older indivitiuals. People don't have to live in fear.

3. Objectives & Results

3.1. Definition

3.1.1. WHICH ACTIONS WILL BRING ABOUT THE BEST RESULTS? The concept of objectives and results is a powerful tool for understanding the reasons and results of actions, and how government and citizens can best get things done. Conditions -->Objectives --->Actions - --> Results (Intended & Unintended) Conditions Currently In Many places it is not legal and will cause many people to riot. This makes it dangerous for all people Objectives Legalize or Not the marriage of people of the same gener/sex Actions Need to come to a complete agreement that all will like and follow Results Legalize the marriage of same gender/sex people.

4. Stability & Change

4.1. Points

4.1.1. Change Change the way people may think about their believes and thoughts. They will change who they may like since there will be no force into liking the opposite sex

4.1.2. Stability IT will stay the same for the people who like people of the same sex. Everyone will have equal rights to marriage.