another way of living

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another way of living by Mind Map: another way of living

1. the dark side of fame

1.1. Alcohol and drugs

1.1.1. people thinks that fame means good things but it isn't because people get shot and you come out in drugs and Alcohol Lady Gaga

1.2. The bad at being fame

2. the 27 club

2.1. celebrities dies at 27 or younger

2.1.1. Amy Winehouse most of the members dies because of drugs and alcohol

3. showbiz

4. fame, icons, article

4.1. Fie Laursen, has started an only fans

5. music videos

6. Madonna's daugther start highscool drama

7. into the wild

7.1. wild life

7.1.1. no money

8. Disabillities

9. My homophobic bullying stories

9.1. bullism

9.1.1. gay