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LOTeamBuilding.com Have More Questions? Visit MeetWithScotty.com and lets talk! by Mind Map: LOTeamBuilding.com  Have More Questions? Visit  MeetWithScotty.com  and lets talk!

1. Team Freedom

1.1. 4 Options 1. Build whats below Or 2. Plug into an existing team that has the below setup until your production is up and then start building whats below with their help. 3. Plug into an existing Team that is below and just continue to close even more loans without managing anything. 4. If you are happy, keep doing what you are doing, its all good! 5. Watch www.LoanOfficerCOI.com before deciding which one is best for you. If you have a #5 I would love to hear about it!

1.2. LP

1.2.1. 10-15 files each

1.2.2. Each LP / LOA runs $45-55k a year.

1.2.3. What Is it costing you not to have a LP / LOA Check out video on www.LoanOfficerCOI.com

1.3. LP

1.3.1. 10-15 files each

1.4. LP

1.4.1. 10-15 files each

1.5. Once you are closing (25-30) loans a month and have 3 LP / LOA pods in place, its time for a Production Manager to further remove you from the loans and maintain your freedom

1.5.1. Takes all questions from LP's and loan officers 25-30 loans a month

1.5.2. 75 -100k

1.6. Have questions, not sure of your first step, need some help with this, I can save you months, even years, pick a 30 min spot and lets talk at www.meetwithscotty.com

2. DSP (Daily Success Plan)

2.1. Monday

2.1.1. I cover a lot on this one, if after listening you have questions Pick a 30 min spot that is best for you and lets talk now at www.meetwithscotty.com.

2.1.2. "THOR" REALTOR Calls Minimum of 30 Agent calls per week! A - Realtors Every agent you have done business with in the last 3 months. Both Buy and Sell sides Goal is to continually be building your "A list" of agents until you hit your goal of Realtor referrals per month/year! B - Realtors Agents that have given you a deal from 3-12 months ago. Both Buy and Sell sides. C - Realtors Use www.AgentMastermind.com to warm up a list of 1,000 cold agents so that when Your VA and You start calling they feel like they already know you Need a qualified Agent List? I got you! Go to. www.QualifiedAgentList.com Have a VA calling to setup Realtor zoom meetings / live appts for you on a daily basis! Want to talk VA's, no problem, grab a 30 min spot at www.MeetWithScotty.com and I'll save yo months if not years! I Use phoneburner.com to make all my calls both warm and cold. I prefer the Vphone option that Phoneburner has. check it out at www.scottsmoneymaker.com and you will see why I love it!

2.2. Tuesday

2.2.1. Just Ask Update everyone in transaction followed with CTA - And can I count on you? “Who do you know?” or “Can I treat you to coffee”. . . (both agents, borrowers, seller, title or escrow agent, insurance agent. (We average 1 referral for every 5 in process!

2.2.2. An LP / LOA can do this and average 1 referral for every 5 in process no problem

2.2.3. Don't have an LP / LOA? I can save you months, even years but we need to talk, visit www.MeetWithScotty.com and pick a 30 min spot thats best for you!

2.2.4. Definition of a successful transaction is to have asked and received a referral during the process

2.3. Wednesday

2.3.1. Call Past Database of closed clients, circle of influence, BNI/leads group. We average 1-3 referrals per 100 in our database per month doing this call every Wednesday. An assistant can do this for you and get the same results Don't have an assistant, no problem, I can save you months, even years, but need to talk visit www.MeetwithScotty.com and pick a 30 min spot thats best for you! A minimum of 13 Hellos per day = 1 new referral a day for us Your VA or Marketing Assistant can make these call for you to your past database and have the same results You should be averaging 1-2 referrals for every 100 in past database per month

2.3.2. 30 DM's to your Friends on Facebook per day. check out www.LoFaceBookStrategy.com Your VA or Assistant can do this for you! Don't have a VA or Assistant, I can save you months if not years but need to talk Visit www.MeetWithScotty.com Lastpass.com online password reminder

2.4. Thursday

2.4.1. Call all your Pre-Approved looking We average 1 referral for every 5 in process per month doing this call / followup Other partners – CPA, Financial planners, Atty, Brokers/ Title to teach classes Text current partners –Are you working this weekend? Let’s get them preapproved. Call Borrower and CO-borrower as they have different sets of friends, family, co-workers and Facebook friends

2.4.2. Thursday morning text to your A and B Agents Scripts: Hey if your driving someone around this weekend and they aren’t approved, send them over so you’re not wasting your time and weekend

2.4.3. 30 DM's to your friends on Facebook www.lofacebookstrategy.com

2.4.4. An Assistant can do this for you and have the same results. Don't have an assistant to make these call? I can save you months, even years but need to talk. Visit www.MeetWithScotty.com and pick a 30 min spot thats best for you.

2.5. Friday Off!

3. AxeOfFreedom.com

3.1. Are you spending time each day on True money making activity or are you caught up in the stuff that isn't going to help you close even more loans? This is a great exercise that will show you exactly what you are spending time and "WHO" else can do the stuff that doesn't need to be done by you, so that you can continue to grow your business! check out video on www.AxeOfFreedom.com exercise After you do watch the video and do this exercise or if you have any questions, I would love to go over it with you and might challenge you on the stuff that is in your list ;) go to www.MeetWithScotty.com if you have questions, I would love to talk about this with you!

4. What do you do?

4.1. Show up to all your Realtor Zoom meetings

4.1.1. Calls set by VA or Company

4.2. Have 15 min pipeline calls with your team every day

4.3. Consistently and persistently Build, deepen and nourish current and new realtor relationships

4.4. Sell the deals that come in after your LP has gathered all the documents and properly prepared the file for your viewing.

4.5. Smell the roses

4.6. www.AxeOfFreedom.com

5. Looking to Recruit, Retain and help with productivity of LO's

5.1. Love this topic and would love to talk about it but would have to be a phone call. There are some things I need you to know about so that you don't lose what you already have! VERY IMPORTANT Visit www.MeetWithScotty.com and pick an hour spot that works best for you!