On Organizational Learning

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On Organizational Learning by Mind Map: On Organizational Learning

1. Learning Organizations

1.1. Individuals, workers and supervisors an and must learn to redesign their work, upper-level managers must learn to create the contexts within which they can do so

1.2. The central ideal includes notions of organizational adaptability, flexibility, avoidance of stability traps, propensity for expirementation, readiness to rethink means and ends, inquiry orientation, realization of human potential for learning the the service of organizational purposes and creation of organizational settings ias contexts for human development.

2. Organizational Learning

2.1. Can Organizations be said to be able to learn?

2.1.1. Organizations learn when they encode inferences from history into routines that guide behavior If any of its components have acquired information and have this information for use, either by other components or by itself, on helf of the organization

3. Organizational Culture

3.1. Edgar Schein (Organizational Culture and Leadership) defines leadership as "the attitude and motivation to exime and manage culture

3.1.1. Organizational culture as a pattern of basic assumptions shared by the group, acquired by solving problems of adaptation and integration, working "well enough to be considered valid and, therefore, to be taught to new members as the correct way to Perceive, think and feel in relation to those problems Schein says culture can be shaped by a leader, eveolv ein response to selective pressures exerted by external and internal environments, and persist in the face of not working

4. Organizational Strategy

4.1. Attention to the interaction of planning and implementation through organizational learning