Why Routines are Important.

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Why Routines are Important. by Mind Map: Why Routines are Important.

1. Helps your child get on a schedule.

1.1. takes naps and sleep well at night

1.2. Eat full and healthy meals

1.3. Regular bowl movements

1.4. Healthy play and outdoor time

1.5. Calm, relaxed behaviour at "down time"

2. Bonds the family together.

2.1. Child notices regular family time

2.2. Understands what s importan

2.3. Strengthens shared values, beliefs and interests

2.4. See's family time is important

2.5. See's and expects family traditions

3. Establishes expectations

3.1. Picking up toys, meal times and bath times

3.2. Expects and completes activities without issue

3.3. parent becomes a partner rather than jailer

4. Creates a calmer household

4.1. child knows what to expect

4.2. stress and anxiety are reduced

4.3. child knows what comes next

4.4. child feels valued and included

4.5. child dosent feel like their being forced to do somthing

5. Gives the child confidence and independence

5.1. learn's what time means what

5.2. can take pride in knowing what to do

5.3. less likely to rebel or retaliate

5.4. child doesn't constantly need to be told what to do

5.5. child feels confident to go ahead with the task

5.6. child feels empowered and independent

6. Establishes health, constructive habits

6.1. brushes teeth regularly

6.2. completing their home work

6.3. learns good time management

6.4. learns self-discipline

7. Helps you remember things

7.1. a routine helps you stay on track paying bills

7.2. aiding and allowing a more stress free household

7.3. allowing quality time together as a family

8. Offers the child the opportunity to get excited on what's ahead

8.1. child anticipates and look forward to future events

8.2. Child feels loved and apart f the family

8.3. child feels apart of the wold

9. Provides opportunity for special "Daily Rituals"

9.1. cuddle and story time

9.2. Instil special moments

9.3. Increases bonding and connection

9.4. Created quality relaxing time each day

10. Offers stability during times of change and stress

10.1. established routine creates normalcy no matter what's going on

10.1.1. divorce

10.1.2. change in school

10.1.3. new sibling

10.2. change and stress affects child's life and sense of security

11. Flexibility

11.1. Spontaneity and creativity are important factors in a child life

11.2. staying sensitive and adaptable to the child's need's

11.3. child feels controlled by routine rather than freed by it

11.4. if it to regimental and strict the benefits will reduce