Online Creation Tools, Platforms and Application


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Online Creation Tools, Platforms and Application by Mind Map: Online Creation Tools, Platforms and Application

1. Mindmeister

1.1. allows you to visualize, share and present your thoughts/ideas.

1.1.1. Advantages 1.Structures information visually. 2.Increases productivity and makes note taking more efficient.

1.1.2. Disadvantages 1.Exporting has price 2.Have to use internet

2. Dropbox

2.1. This application allows you to store and synchronized content in real-time.

2.1.1. Advantages 1. Automatic File Backup 2.Advanced Software Integration

2.1.2. Disadvantages 1.Lack of Elite-Level Security 2.Limited Search Function

3. Twitter

3.1. allows you to post and interact with messages known as "Tweets".

3.1.1. Advantages 1.Messages are short and thus not as labor-intensive 2.You can get the latest news based on importance quickly

3.1.2. Disadvantages 1.Twitter can be a time-suck despite the shortness of updates 2.You can also get inundated with depressing bad news

4. Google Sites

4.1. a website building platform from Google.

4.1.1. Advantages 1.Fast and easy to edit 2.No programming or database skills required

4.1.2. Disadvantages 1.Limited functionality compared to other website builders. 2.Not really good website for business

5. Wikimapia

5.1. provides an open content collaborative mapping project.

5.1.1. Advantages 1. Provide a useful information 2.Quick and easy to set up

5.1.2. Disadvantages 1.Requires internet 2.Data cannot be verified

6. Prezi

6.1. is a web-based tool for creating presentations.

6.1.1. Advantages 1.It's Free and Web-Based 2.Link Text and Images to Movement

6.1.2. Disadvantages 1.It can cause you motion sickness because of all its movement slides,a few people complaint about feeling dizzy 2.It needs internet for it to be used

7. JUDE Niño Gloria 11-EINSTEIN