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Dissertation by Mind Map: Dissertation

1. Five Domains

1.1. Suitable food depending on the species? Pellets for goldfish, flakes for tropical etc.

1.1.1. Any stimulus in the tank-plants etc

1.2. Social species, goldfish- need more than one, 2 at very least

1.2.1. Water quality for fish-are people aware of ammonia, nitrate levels etc. Tap safe to remove chlorine

1.3. Round tanks not suitable for goldfish

1.3.1. Cannot mix single tails with fan tails Fan tails more suitable for ponds than tanks

1.4. Welfare implications on different types of fish e.g. goldfish tend to get swim bladder

1.5. Need for a filter

1.5.1. Regular maintenance, water changes, algae scrubs etc

2. Demographics

2.1. How much are people willing to pay for a set up

2.1.1. Are fish a suitable first pet for children? Those who have owned fish for years and years, are they up to date on knowledge?

2.2. How much would people pay for a fish itself

2.2.1. Would you upgrade your tank to a larger one?

2.3. Getting fish at a funfair

2.3.1. Where are people most likely to buy fish from? Reputable places or not?

2.4. Are there any legal requirements for fish-code of practice, rspca etc

2.4.1. Italian city banned small round goldfish tanks under new law

2.5. Owning fish in a rental property-would people do it or not?

3. Relationship with the fish

3.1. If the fish was ill, would you treat it?

3.1.1. Do you think they have a 5 second memory?

3.2. If you found the fish dead, how would you dispose of it?

3.2.1. How do people feel about pet fish?

3.3. Buy the fish based on appearance?

3.3.1. Black moor, ranchu, bubbleye

3.4. How times have changed-old leaflet

3.5. In relation to other pets, should they be given the same level of care

3.5.1. Do people interact with their fish-e.g talking to them