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1. Learner assessment

1.1. Assess student performance, at the beginning and at the end

1.1.1. Placement tests: suited to their needs. Comes at the beginning of the course.

1.1.2. Achievement tests: How well the learner is keeping up with the syllabus

1.1.3. Proficiency tests: Assess if the student can cope with the demands of a particular situation

2. Course evaluation

2.1. Assess if the course objectives are being met and if the course is doing what it was supposed to do.

2.1.1. What should be evaluated? The ability to collect the information. The ability to use the information correctly.

2.1.2. How can ESP Courses be evaluated? Test results Questionnaires Discussions Interviews Informal means

2.1.3. Who should be involved in the evaluation? The ESP teaching institution The ESP teachers The learners The course sponsors.

2.1.4. When (and how often) should evaluation take place? There is danger in doing course evaluation too frequently. Dangers in not doing course evaluation often enough are greater. Learners, sponsors and others will evaluate the course informally anyway.