Internet Marketers Bookkeeping/Accounting Marketing by

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Internet Marketers Bookkeeping/Accounting Marketing by by Mind Map: Internet Marketers Bookkeeping/Accounting Marketing by

1. 3. Strategy

1.1. Develop a trackable marketing program consisting of word of mouth and a paid-for Lead Magnet that will appeal to online marketers. Develop a story of how getting someone that specialized in Internet Bookkeeping and Accounting can help them get from where they are now, to where they want to be. Future pace the benefits. Pain points of the hassles of correctly keeping their book, the real possibility of not doing it correctly, and the opportunity costs of trying to do it themselves versus not spending that time on their business. Make up a larger list of Carrots and Sticks.

2. 1. Objectives

2.1. Get 100 customers with the majority of their business Internet based.

3. 2. Audience

3.1. Primarily Males with Internet Businesses that are US-based and grossing $200,000 per annum.

4. 4. Lidiya Deliverable

4.1. Any and all sales collateral including slide decks, videos, pix, audio, and written material that has been used to communicate with customers. Bulleted list of why Internet Marketers should use you. And any attaboys from past or current clients.

5. 5. Materials

5.1. We will develop some preliminary social media decks for FB, Insta, and Linkedin Put together a report, and some videos while developing a self-liquidation offer.

6. 6. Deliverables

6.1. The overall layout of the marketing look and feel for the brand needs to be put together. With a color Schema and while it might seem obvious and overlooked, green and money do go together. The team can put together some preliminary designs quickly So we will have designs for text, pic, audio, and video layouts, that are recognizable. We may be able to develop a bot that can be used on FB and Instagram as well as the website which can be used to draw in and qualify clients 24/7. We can then put together decks for automated distribution and then build out the self-liquidating offer.