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new Peak Brain site by Mind Map: new Peak Brain site

1. DEV site:

1.1. development domain

1.2. will use the other domains later



2. Competitors

2.1. Top Neurofeedback In Denver and Dallas

2.2. Neurocore Brain Performance: Brain Training Therapy & Counseling


2.4. ADD, ADHD & Autism Treatment Centers in OC & LA | Drake InstituteDrakeLogo_1

2.5. A.D.D. Treatment Centers » Helping Families Grow Since 1992

3. Site map

3.1. Home page

3.1.1. similar to current some break out of products - training at home or in offices, plus mindfulness product, to replace the triple section that has three larger icons now addition of testimonials blocks

3.2. Neurofeedback & QEEG

3.2.1. What is neurofeedback / What is QEEG Brainmapping? text and explainer video

3.2.2. Value propositions / used for: complaints/ value proposition broken out by several icons attention stress sleep etc for each a landing page style template text block explainer video value proposition bullet points picture of a pre-post brainmap testamonials research summary area - a few key points and links to papers

3.3. Peak Brain At Home

3.3.1. Free classes online mindfulness program (side bar)

3.3.2. a version of the landing page at page = about signing up for remote training program

3.3.3. My PeakBrain login - membership site with educational modules ? for future - not part of first site revamp from to

3.4. Mindfulness

3.4.1. what is under Free Classes link now = just top half

3.4.2. what is behind the "for a basic practice" link on same page

3.5. Peak Brain Centers

3.5.1. About Peak Brain training in our offices Neurofeedback or QEEG as informational sidebar

3.5.2. US Locations staffing needs to be updated a bit. template for adding new staff to blocks? can show the 1-3 senior staff per 1-3 locations

3.5.3. locations of partners we work with Odessa Texas Oakland California Sydney Australia London Copenhagen

3.5.4. home program lead capture

3.5.5. office program intake or lead capture

3.6. Contact Us

3.6.1. book a free initial consultation get a call back soon schedule calendly chat now

3.6.2. book a review of QEEG Assessment calendly

3.6.3. book an intake (QEEG Assessment) sale calendly

3.6.4. book mindfulness coaching sale calendly

3.6.5. submit a testimonial, question, or feedback

3.7. Blog

3.7.1. As now for the few posts that are there

3.7.2. Addition of a blog research plugin? something to let us take the abstracts from the Research basis menu item and using the pubmed ID or the DOI pull in several of these papers? Then we can include them when relevant in other pages (like the value proposition landing pages under Neurofeedback) as well as include them in the Blog section, with commentary from our Coaches/Staff

3.7.3. as now

3.8. Dr Hill

3.8.1. will redirect to being worked on now, to integrate blogs and podcasts and youtube media