Geography -RIVERS

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Geography -RIVERS by Mind Map: Geography -RIVERS

1. Lower course

1.1. mouth

1.1.1. estuary deep water may be tidal gets wider often big bridges e.g. Thames e.g. Severn Severn bore

1.1.2. delta bigger rivers carry more load deposition muddy silt becomes land e.g. Nile

1.2. Bigger meanders

1.2.1. ox-bow lakes

1.3. flood plains

1.3.1. should you live there? yes flat fertile land no may flood

2. Upper Course

2.1. Waterfalls

2.1.1. Hard and soft rock Soft rock erroded

2.1.2. Plunge pool

2.1.3. Overhang collapses

2.1.4. Gradually moves back gorge formed

2.2. rapids

2.3. steep

2.4. source

3. middle course

3.1. less steep

3.2. meanders start

3.2.1. turns in the river

3.2.2. become bigger outside of bend water moves faster errosion inside of bend water moves slowly deposition

3.3. slower, deeper

4. Rivers you should know

4.1. UK

4.1.1. Severn

4.1.2. Thames

4.2. World

4.2.1. N. America Mississippi

4.2.2. S America Amazon

4.2.3. Africa Nile

4.2.4. China Yangzee