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Beach by Mind Map: Beach

1. Open Ended Questions

1.1. If you've ever been to the beach, how did it make you feel?

1.2. What are some things you love to do at the beach

1.3. What was your favorite memory at the beach?

1.4. If you could be one creature from the sea, which would you be and why?

1.5. If you could meet a lifeguard what would you like to ask them or say to them?

2. Seaweed

2.1. Where does it come from?

2.2. Is it alive?

2.3. bring some in for kids to taste test in multiple forms

2.4. what does it feel like?

3. Water

3.1. Swimming

3.1.1. How does it feel?

3.1.2. Bathing Suits

3.1.3. Floaties

3.2. Sea Creatures

3.2.1. Turtles what do they use to swim what do they eat Lets get a class turtle

3.2.2. Sharks big teeth bad or good? Scary can we also get one of these some can be large some can be small

3.2.3. Mermaids are they real? What do they look like? reverse mermaid

3.3. Boats

3.3.1. Tug boats

3.3.2. Canoes

3.3.3. Cruise ships

3.3.4. Kayacks

3.3.5. yachts

3.4. Different types of beaches

3.4.1. lakes

3.4.2. manmade

3.4.3. ocean

4. Sand

4.1. Different color sands

4.2. Buried Treasure

4.2.1. Pirates Pirate ship Big beards argggg captain ghost pirates

4.2.2. metal detector

4.3. Sea Shells

4.4. Games

4.4.1. making sandcastles Tools used to make sandcastles

4.4.2. beach volleyball

4.5. Special rocks

5. Sunny

5.1. Sunburns

5.2. Sunscreen

5.2.1. Why is it called sunscreen

5.2.2. What does it smell like?

5.3. Why does the sun hurt us?

5.4. Sunglasses

5.5. Warm

6. Lifeguards

6.1. whistle

6.2. Where do they come from?

6.3. what is their job

6.4. high chair

6.5. surfboards

6.6. How do they learn to save lives