Consequences of climate change

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Consequences of climate change by Mind Map: Consequences of climate change

1. Temperature rise

1.1. Melting of icecaps

1.1.1. Extinction of polar species

1.1.2. Decrease of the thermohaline circulation

1.2. Migration patterns

1.2.1. Change in species distribution

1.3. Higher temperature of sea water

1.3.1. Ecosystem changes in the sea Extinction of certain marine species

1.4. Loss of biodiversity

1.5. Shrinking of glaciers

1.6. More old people die in warm periods

1.7. New diseases

1.8. dangerous exposition to the sun and UV (due to hole in the ozone layer)

2. Precipitation rise

2.1. Failed harvests

2.2. Increasing spread of pests and pathogens

2.2.1. Increased insect infestations

3. Sea level rise

3.1. Patches of land under water level

3.1.1. Endangered natural and urban areas

4. Ocean acidification

4.1. Salinization of the soil in coastal areas

4.2. Habitats disrupted

5. Wind direction changes

5.1. Drought

5.1.1. Dust Storms Destruction of (farm)land

5.1.2. Forest fires Decreased habitats