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Chromatography by Mind Map: Chromatography

1. Gas Chromatography

1.1. Gas Solid

1.1.1. Specific method, Gas Liquid Chromatography stationary phase, Liquid adsorbed or bonded to a solid surface solid type of Equilibrium, partition between gas and liquid

1.2. specific method, solid

1.2.1. type of equilibrium, adsorption

2. Liquid Chromatography

2.1. liquid-liquid (partition)

2.1.1. Liquid adsorbed or bonded to a solid surface Interaction with or partitioning between immiscible liquids

2.2. Liquid- Solid or adsorption

2.2.1. solid adsorption

2.3. Ion Exchange

2.3.1. Ion exchange Resin Ion exchange

2.4. Size Exclusion

2.4.1. Liquid in interstices of a polymeric solid partition/sieving

2.5. Affinity

2.5.1. Group-specific liquid bonded to a solid surface partition between surface liquid and mobile liquid

3. Supercritical fluid chromatography

3.1. Organic phase, Organic species bonded to a solid surface

3.1.1. Type of Equilibrium, partition between supercritical fluid and bonded surface