Environmental Rating Scales

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Environmental Rating Scales by Mind Map: Environmental Rating Scales

1. Basic Leadership Skills: Set Goals, Observe, Implement, Reflect

2. Professional Growth: 1)ICERS TOOLS help to discover the developmental limitations in the environment 2) HDLH guide educators in planning an environment that best supports the 4 foundations of learning

3. Goals for quality improvement: 1) Observing & learning from experiences 2) Setting up a healthy risk-taking environment 3) Finding more effective ways of using environment as 'third teacher'

4. Belonging: Ensuring Inclusion and respecting diversity

5. Engagement: Positive interactions help in strengthening the bonds between families, children & educators

6. Well being: Ensures health and safety of children by exposing risky features in the environment

7. Expression: Setting up play- materials that allows children to express and explore themselves in different ways