Physical properties of metals and non metals (1)

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Physical properties of metals and non metals (1) by Mind Map: Physical properties of metals and non metals (1)

1. Metals

1.1. They are malleable

1.1.1. Eg gold ,silver, copper

1.1.2. High melting and boiling point Except: Mercury

1.2. They are ductile

1.2.1. Eg gold, silver, copper

1.3. Good conductor of electricity

1.3.1. Eg gold,silver, copper

1.4. They are sonorous

1.5. Shows metallic lusture

1.5.1. Exept sodium and potassium

1.5.2. Except : sodium and potassium

1.6. High density

1.6.1. Except: lithium it is the lightest metal

1.7. they are solid

1.7.1. Except Mercury it is a liquid in room temperature

1.8. They are hard

1.8.1. Except sodium and potassium

2. Non metals

2.1. Bad conductor of electricity

2.1.1. Except : graphite

2.2. Low melting and boiling point

2.2.1. Except: diamond

2.3. They aren't sonorous

2.4. Low density

2.4.1. Don't have lusture Except: graphite and iodine

2.5. They can be in any state

2.6. They are soft

2.6.1. Except :Diamond which is made of carbon

2.7. They aren'tmalleable

2.8. They aren't ductile