NZTA Remix Competition - Safer Journeys for Teens

Created by the Convenor of Judges, Helen Baxter of Mohawk Media with an overview of the NZTA Remix Competition.

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NZTA Remix Competition - Safer Journeys for Teens by Mind Map: NZTA Remix Competition - Safer Journeys for Teens

1. Planning

1.1. Choose Groups

1.2. Choose Category

1.3. Sketch out storyboard

1.3.1. Beginning

1.3.2. MIddle

1.3.3. End

1.3.4. Characters

1.3.5. Events

1.3.6. Place

1.3.7. TIme

1.4. Choose sources

1.4.1. Collate Resources

1.4.2. One MUST be from NZTA

1.4.3. Keep records for attribution

1.5. Choose tools to use

1.6. Try Trello for collaborative creative project management

2. Enter!

2.1. 1. Schools must select their competition (Auckland, Rural or other)

2.2. 2.Select Category for Entry

2.2.1. Data Detective? Data Mashup Infographic

2.2.2. Storytelling? Creative Remix Literary Remix

2.2.3. Both?! Infographic

2.2.4. Can enter as many times as you want in as many categories as you want Use a separate entry form for each Can only enter in one competition pool.

2.3. 3. Plan it, Make It, Publish it

2.3.1. Using at least one creative asset or dataset from NZTA, Creative Commons materials or DIY

2.4. 4. Use it in School

2.4.1. Collect Evidence

2.5. 5. Enter competition - link to creation and give evidence of use in your school

2.5.1. Must be signed off by teacher and school principal.

2.5.2. Entry forms will be published at the website soon.

2.5.3. Rural schools will be able to enter by post.

3. Creative Concepts

3.1. Step away from the screen

3.2. Back to the drawing Board

3.3. Words

3.3.1. Search Digital NZ

3.4. Images

3.4.1. Share collections Pinterest

3.5. Look at Mix and Mash Supreme Winners

3.5.1. 2010 An Opal Dream Cave

3.5.2. 2011 A Grandmother

4. Tools & Creative Inspiration

4.1. Free Remix Tools

4.2. How to Guides

4.3. Examples of remixes, data mashups and infographics

4.3.1. Guide to remixing Shakespeare

4.3.2. Stop a Mate from Biking Without a Helmet Legend!

4.4. Free to Mix: An educators guide to reusing digital content

4.4.1. Slideshare

4.4.2. PDF download

5. About

5.1. Where?

5.1.1. New Zealand Transport Agency

5.1.2. Education Portal

5.2. What?

5.2.1. NZTA competition for Year 9 - 13 secondary students with a theme of ‘Safer Journeys for Teens'. Education Portal Newsletter Printable .pdf poster

5.2.2. One creative assets or dataset must be from NZTA

5.2.3. Three Competition Pools 1. Auckland schools (schools in the Auckland Council area) Theme of Safer Motorway Journeys for Teens 2. Rural schools (schools defined by the Ministry of Education as being rural) 3. All other schools with year 9 - 13 students (including schools with other year levels)

5.2.4. Prizes three sets of prizes to be won One for each competition pool $10,000 of vouchers of the school’s choice $2000 towards the supervising teacher and some students presenting at the International Conference on Thinking 2013 in Wellington. $500 vouchers for 5 students

5.2.5. Categories 1. Creative remix using images / video / music / animation 2. Data mashup an infographic made from NZTA data 3. Literary remix based on the works of Shakespeare

5.3. When?

5.3.1. Open now! Gives time to plan, make, use and show success/learning Entries open September 1st Entries close October 31st Start now!

5.4. Who?

5.4.1. Helen Baxter - Convenor of Judges

5.4.2. Judges Esther Casey Development Specialist at National Library of New Zealand. Services to Schools Jane Hornibrook now Community Manager - DigitalNZ ex Creative Commons Paul Brislen TUANZ Fiona Rigby Content Manager - Digital NZ Project Manager - Mix and Mash Anne Costa Deputy Principal of Wellington Girls College eLearning Facilitator - Wellington LOOP

5.4.3. What are the judges looking for? No disaster scenarios!

6. What is...

6.1. a remix?

6.1.1. A remix is a combination of two or more creative elements to make a new work.

6.1.2. These elements can be text, audio, video, or animation.

6.1.3. The only limit is your imagination and the permission to use each element, either through Creative Commons licences or by making it yourself.

6.2. a mashup?

6.2.1. A data mashup is where two or more datasets are combined to show something new,

6.3. an infographic?

6.3.1. an illustrated explanation of data is known as an infographic. The Anatomy of an Infographic

7. Remixable Resources

7.1. NZTA Websites

7.2. Videos

7.3. Images

7.4. Data

7.5. Other NZ Content

7.5.1. DigitalNZ Prezi Finding Reusable Content for Safer Journeys for Teens Thanks to Esther Casey

7.5.2. Digital NZ Search

7.5.3. National Library - NZ Road Safety

7.6. Creative Commons Resources

7.6.1. Ten Sites to find Creative Commons Content for Teachers

7.7. Watch: Creative Commons KIwi