10 Ways to Help ELLs succeed in Math

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10 Ways to Help ELLs succeed in Math by Mind Map: 10 Ways to Help ELLs succeed in Math

1. Elicit nonverbal responses, like a thumbs up or down

1.1. check for understanding without requiring students to produce language

2. Use sentence frames

2.1. they contextualize and bring meaning to vocabulary

3. Design questions and prompts for different proficiency levels

3.1. it lets students test, confirm, or modify their own understandings

4. Create Vocabulary Banks

4.1. key math vocabulary

5. Use manipulative

5.1. construct physical models of abstract mathematical ideas

6. Modify teacher talk and practice wait time

6.1. speak slowly and use clear articulation

7. Use prompts to support student response

7.1. "You figured it out by..." or "It is a polygon because..."

8. Utilize partner talk

8.1. it eliminates the pressure that comes with speaking alone in front of a large group

9. Ask for choral responses from students

9.1. it serves as a model for correct pronunciation, syntax, and grammar

10. Consider language and math skills when grouping students.

10.1. students benefit from working in groups where participants have varying skill levels in mathematics