Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow

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Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow by Mind Map: Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow

1. GOAL 1 - Teaching and learning - learn practical lessons about the issues and potential solutions

2. Goal is to reach students as the solutions of tomorrow’s environmental problems rest with them. The document shares three main goals – teaching and learning, student engagement and community connections, and environmental leadership

3. Environmental education increases students critical thinking and raises their overall academic performance

4. GOAL 3 - Environmental stewardship and our schools - movement away from surface area problems (such as pollution) and a focus on the root causes, with the goal of changing attitudes and behaviours.

5. The vision - will prepare students to become responsible interconnected citizens who understand their relationship to food, water, energy, air, and land, and their interaction with all living things. schools

6. GOAL 2 - Student engagement and community connections – practicing and promoting environmental stewardship, both in the school and in the community.

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7. The main idea to me is that it focuses on the idea of environmental leadership rather than environmental lessons. It states that there is no universal formula. The guiding framework is to have all stakeholders - ministry, boards, principals, teachers and community members all come together and to model environmental leadership with the end goal being to affect life long behavioural change in our students!