Technology in football (grassroots affordable VAR and goal-line technology)


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Technology in football (grassroots affordable VAR and goal-line technology) by Mind Map: Technology in football (grassroots affordable VAR and goal-line technology)

1. innovations -

1.1. VAR - which stands for video assistant referee.

1.1.1. The four main aspects of VAR - goals, penalty decisions, red card, mistaken identity.

1.1.2. 3 steps to how VAR works - incident occurs, review and advice given by VAR, decision or action taken.

1.2. Goal-line technology

1.2.1. Hawk eye is whats used in Britains biggest top flight football league, The Premier league.

1.2.2. Hawk eye is also used in europes top 5 leagues. Serie A (Italy) Bundesliga (Germany) La Liga (Spain) Ligue 1 (France) Liga Nos (Portugal)

1.3. Without these two above innovations, football technology would be at a minimum. These two technology systems have changed the face of football.

2. Who am I?

2.1. I play football, so who knows in how many years will we see VAR in grassroots football.

2.2. As a young man at the age of 24, football is a big part of my life.

2.3. I would like to see the introduction of technology in grassroots football in the future

2.4. social influence on technology in football is massive. it is a very divided topic

3. is technology in football, sustainable?

3.1. At the highest level, yes. it would be extremely hard to sustain technology at the lower levels, but there could be a way. cost being the most important factor.

3.2. technology in football doesn't affect the environment in a negative way.

4. Making statements

4.1. The plan is to find an affordable goal-line technology and VAR system/product for grassroots football

4.2. If these elite athletes who are role models for young inspiring athletes then the young athletes will want to replicate their role models with how they play and are officiated in football