Electricity and magnetism

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Electricity and magnetism by Mind Map: Electricity and magnetism

1. Electricity flows in circuits

1.1. We should connect negative terminals with positive terminals

2. Components and simple circuits

2.1. Components: wire, cell, switch, buzzer, bulb, bulb holder, and cell holder. Simple circuit: circuit with one cell, wires and one lamp/bulb

3. Circuits with more components

3.1. Ex: one cell, three bulbs, and wires. What will be the difference? In this case the bulbs will shine less brightly because there is only a small quantity of electricity that must be divided (1.5)

4. Circuits with buzzers

4.1. Buzzer. is component that makes a sound.

5. Mains Electricity

5.1. Electricity can be dangerous, for example, when we are flying kites near utility poles (electricity)

6. Magnets in everyday life

6.1. Not all metals are magnetic. We have two types of materials magnetic and non-magnetic. Keepers protect magnets. There are different types of magnets ( horseshoe magnet, wand magnet, disc shaped magnet, bar magnet, and ring magnet)