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Jack Ma by Mind Map: Jack Ma

1. Believe in yourself and stay confident

2. In the next 20 years everything will be delivered to different cities anywhere in the world in 72 hours

3. Most of the small companies setup are the dreams of the owners.

4. We can earn money through e commerce

5. You should have the commitment to fulfill your dreams

6. Believe the future

7. E-commerce is a powerful resource for attracting people towards online shopping

8. Making mistakes will make you experienced and will help you

9. Mistakes

9.1. Feel thankful for mistakes

9.2. All entrepreneurs should learn from their mistakes

10. Chase your dreams

10.1. Dream big and chase it

10.2. Learn and make progress

11. Believe and have faith

11.1. Believe that when you help others you help yourselves

11.2. Believe that you can do it and achieve

11.3. Don't be afraid or scared.

12. E commerce

12.1. AI is developing in a fast pace nowadays

13. Compare

13.1. Compare yourself with the successful people which will help you achieve more

13.2. Continue to be innovative and run fast

13.3. Follow a strategy and plan well

14. Trade

14.1. Trade is very important

14.2. In the future most of the things will be made in internet

15. Globalization

15.1. We need to globalize our companies to survive in the future

15.2. Think different and out of the box

15.3. Globalization is an opportunity for everyone