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Employeneurship by Mind Map: Employeneurship

1. Long-term working relationship

1.1. Permanent contract

1.1.1. Secure income

1.2. Focus for personal wishes and targets

2. Individual profit sharing

2.1. Competitive base salary

2.1.1. There is a salary negotiation for each project

2.2. Result-based bonus

2.2.1. Finding smart solutions for your customers or find another project gets rewarded

2.3. Comprehensive benefit shop

2.3.1. Increased flexibility and fiscal advantages Holiday pay Extra leave Supplementary pension Extra training

2.4. Transparent financial model

3. Business cells

3.1. Based on fields of technological expertise

3.2. High-grade knowledge network

3.3. Intensive engagement

3.4. Think tank

4. Youniversity

4.1. personal and professional growth

4.1.1. Learning plan / TMC Compass Personal coach gives guidance

4.2. Talent management, coaching and training

4.2.1. Masterclass high-tech systems

4.2.2. Soft Skill training

4.2.3. Hard skill education

4.3. Onboarding for new employees

5. The entrepreneurial lab

5.1. Safe environment to experience what it takes to become an entrepreneur

5.2. Space where experts can work together without the boundaries of their field and day-to-day restrictions

5.3. Make your technical dreams come true