Travel Agenc

Las agencias de viajes

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Travel Agenc by Mind Map: Travel Agenc

1. Advise and guide the client regarding the destination of their trip, in order to inform them about the range of offers available to the agency.

2. organization and sale of tourist products among its clients and travel suppliers, at a convenient price and with certain favorable conditions.

3. It is mainly a mediator between the person who demands the service and the producer of tourist goods or services.

4. Its main functions include the following

4.1. establish a travel route and plan an itinerary of activities to carry out at the destination.

4.2. they are in charge of facilitating the client the tiring task of organizing a trip

5. They represent an obligatory means of consultation when it comes to traveling

6. Its purpose is to provide services related to tourism through consultancy, intermediation and organization.

7. From regional or national trips

8. A merchant company

9. They are private companies that act as intermediaries between clients and suppliers associated with the tourist activity

9.1. hotels

9.2. airlines

9.3. tours

9.4. transportation companies

9.5. other services

10. According to the size of the travel agency, they can offer:

10.1. international packages, where is included

10.1.1. stay

10.1.2. airfare

10.1.3. car reservation

10.1.4. legal procedures, etc.

11. In short, a travel agency is ...