differences between

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differences between by Mind Map: differences between

1. simple past

2. present perfect

3. The past simple is used to talk about a specific action that started and ended in the past.

4. The simple past for a series of actions in the past.

5. We use it for repeated or habitual actions in the past.

6. We use it for narratives or actions from long periods of time in the past.

7. It is used to talk about generalities or facts from the past.

8. Refer to when something happened, so it is associated with certain temporal expressions.

9. It is used to talk about an action that ended earlier than the current one.

10. The main verb of the sentence is always in the past.

11. It has a simple composition of "subject and predicate verb".

12. It is the only grammatical tense that uses verbs in the past.

13. The predicate can be used expressions that determine the time of the sentence, although it will always be the verb that indicates whether or not the sentence is in the past tense.

14. An action or situation that started in the past and continues in the present

15. An action carried out during a period of time not yet concluded

16. A repeated action in a nonspecific time period between the past and the present

17. An action that has ended in the very recent past.

18. An action for which the precise moment in which it occurred is not important.

19. The "present perfect" of any verb is made up of two elements: the appropriate form of the auxiliary verb and the main verb.

20. It is used to indicate a link between the present and the past.