Prepositional, Noun and Verb Phrases MindMap

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Prepositional, Noun and Verb Phrases MindMap by Mind Map: Prepositional, Noun and Verb Phrases MindMap

1. Noun Phrase

1.1. Characteristics

1.1.1. They contain a head noun and premodifiers

1.1.2. They can be replaced for a pronoun

1.1.3. They have adjectives before the head noun

1.2. Functions

1.2.1. Noun phrases serve to introduce nouns into the sentences, by adding information to their head nouns

2. Verb Phrases

2.1. Characteristics

2.1.1. They contain a main verb alone

2.1.2. The main verb can have auxiliary verbs

2.2. Functions

2.2.1. Verb phrases demonstrate actions that someone or something is performing

3. Prepositional Phrases

3.1. Characteristics

3.1.1. Consist of a preposition and a word that follows it

3.1.2. The prepositions can be added at the beginning or at the end of the sentence

3.2. Functions

3.2.1. They serve to link nouns, verb and adjectives to other ideas of the sentence


4.1. The main differences are that Verb phrases only indicate actions whereas noun phrases main purpose is to describe the qualities of a noun and finally prepositional phrases focus on adding more information to the sentence.