Little Red Riding Hood Group 2

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Little Red Riding Hood Group 2 by Mind Map: Little Red Riding Hood Group 2

1. Explosition

1.1. Place

1.1.1. A big wood

1.2. Characters

1.2.1. Little Red Riding Hood, Grandmother, a big wolf, a woodcutter

1.3. Plot

1.3.1. A story of Little Red Riding Hood, her grandmother and the big wof

1.4. Setting

1.4.1. Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother was ill, so she went to the wood to visit her.

1.4.2. Her mother told her not to go to the big wood

2. Rising Action

2.1. She picked the flowers on the big wood and met a big wolf

2.2. The wolf went to grandmother's house and put grandmother to the closet.

2.3. The wolf pretended grandmother and waited for Little Red Riding Hood.

3. Climax

3.1. The Little Red Riding Hood arrived grandmother's house and met the big wolf.

3.2. The big wanted to eat Little Red Riding Hood

4. Falling Action

4.1. The Little Red Riding Hood was running away from the wolf.

4.2. She met a woodcutter.

4.3. The woodcutter helped her to catch the wolf.

5. Resolution

5.1. The wolf was driven away by the wood cutter.

5.2. Grandmother was saved from the closet.

5.3. The Little Red Riding Hood promised to listen to mother's words.