Inquiry Based Approach to Teaching

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Inquiry Based Approach to Teaching by Mind Map: Inquiry Based Approach to Teaching

1. Questions raised regarding IBL: 1. How do we adjust our lessons for students who need help with foundational skills? 2. How do we blend teaching styles where appropriate? 3. How do we handle, "I can't," or "I don't know."

2. It is important to draw out what students know about a topic, not draw upon what they tell you.

3. IBL may be difficult for inexperienced teachers, especially as specialists of their field/subject area and not of teaching. The expertise of teaching develops over time.

4. IBL lessons are to be built upon. Reflection is important for adjustments to be made. What worked? What didn't?

5. Encourage learners to be curious, ask questions, find more than one way to do things, and ask themselves why it is important to have different approaches.