Something happened in the past

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Something happened in the past by Mind Map: Something happened in the past

1. 'when' / 'during'

1.1. Past simple: When did they get married?

2. continuous or repeated action

2.1. Present perfect continuous: I have been crying because I've just been chopping onions.

3. 'yet' / 'already' / 'ever' / 'never' / 'just'

3.1. Present perfect: Have you ever lost your keys?

4. recent event

4.1. just finished

4.1.1. Present perfect: She has found your book! Here it is!

4.2. we don't know if the action is finished or not

4.2.1. Present perfect continuous: I've been cleaning my bedroom. Look what I found!

5. continuous action that is finished now

5.1. Past simple continuous: It was raining heavily.

6. 'while'

6.1. Past simple continuous: While she was watching television, [...].

7. Finished action

7.1. time is mentioned / understood

7.1.1. Past simple: They got married last year.

7.2. time is not specified

7.2.1. Present perfect: I've bought a new computer.