Leased Line Services

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Leased Line Services by Mind Map: Leased Line Services

1. Types of services

1.1. P2P Leased circuit, International P2P LC, P2P CDMA LC,Internet LC,MPLS VPN LC,MPLS CDMA LC,MPLS VSAT LC,Multi cast MPLS VPN,MPLS VPN,International MPLS VPN,Leased Dark fiber,Backup circuit,P2P LC across state,WIFI plans

2. Tariff Management

2.1. Enumeration tariff distance = 4 Km

2.2. Interval Tariff

2.3. Confidential Tariff only applicable for Internet and MPLS circuit

3. Quotation Generation

3.1. Depends on different calculation factors

3.1.1. Category, Distance, Bandwidth and MLLN Flag etc

3.1.2. Lead A, Lead B and Channel distance

3.2. Negotiation can be applied by direct percentage or by adding MOU

3.2.1. Max percentage discount upto 50%

3.2.2. MOU can be added, Updated, Extended and Deleted

4. Feasibility Check

4.1. Lead will be assigned to OSS system for feasibility check

4.2. CRM able to print feasibility check report

5. Additional Features

5.1. System supports Time dependent band width

5.2. System supports Multiple tariffs in one quote, Multiple quotes for one customer

5.3. Proactive Maintenance

5.4. Bandwidth management as per demand

5.5. Alternate Routing

5.6. Generation of periodic performance reports

6. Tax Calculation

6.1. Out of Special Economic Zone, the charge amount is taken CGST and SGST

6.2. CESS depends on local authority

7. Bulk Orders

7.1. System support bulk Order generation, cancellation, bulk approval and rejection

8. Safe Custody

8.1. System support to disconnect the circuit and stop the circuit billing for some time

9. During End to End Disconnect and Reconnection Order flow

9.1. Disconnection order goes to retention as per disconnection reason.

9.2. In certain period of time system support to reconnect

10. During End to End New,Modify and Shift flow

10.1. CSR sends quotation to customer by email. Customer will negotiate.

10.2. CSR will enter date of acceptance (DOA) in CRM

10.3. Commercial officer audits the changed attributes list and quote items. If construction is possible CO will change and submit order

10.4. P2P circuit can be converted to ILL or MPLS

10.5. Choose End A or End B for shift and feasibility check required