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we by Mind Map: we

1. app

1.1. search bar for location, apmt name

1.2. filters:no.of roommates/no.of rooms/cost

1.3. apmts near by

1.4. Dashboard

1.4.1. Houskeeping people

1.4.2. availabilty of cylinder

1.4.3. Means of paying rent/current bill

1.4.4. Slice

1.5. Chatbox {Once Apartment booked}

1.6. Pics of the room/house Rent of the house

1.6.1. Virtual tour of the house

1.6.2. Typeof room required(furnished/semi-furnished)

1.6.3. Distance of the apartment from college/workplace

1.6.4. Means of transport available if its too far

1.6.5. Hotspots near that apartment

1.6.6. Way of payment(yearly once/once in 4 months)

1.6.7. Means to pay rent

1.6.8. Means to pay current bill

1.6.9. Find my roommate

1.6.10. Amenities available for the apartment

1.6.11. Extra money required for premium amenities

1.6.12. Requirements ,if any for a particular apartment(like pay an advance of 6 months rent)

1.6.13. List of housekeeping people available at that apartment

1.6.14. Reviews of other people