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1. ]The Government provides subsidised or free accommodation facilities for students of backward castes and tribes in hostels.​

2. The Government has passed a reservation policy which reserves seats in government educational institutions and government jobs for people belonging to the SCs and the STs. Such students have to furnish proof of their caste or tribal status while applying for jobs in government-controlled institutions.​

3. While applying for admissions to government colleges, the Government has set ‘cut-off’ marks for students of backward castes and tribes. Scholarships are also given to such students.​

4. The Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act was passed in 1989. This Act was formulated in order to push for the equal status of the Dalits and punish those people who ill treated and humiliated them. This Act was also passed to safeguard the interests of the Adivasis.​

5. Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act was passed in 1993. This law prohibits employment of manual scavengers and the construction of dry latrines. ​