Four Skills

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Four Skills by Mind Map: Four Skills

1. Speaking

1.1. Two types of activites: Songs, chants / Games and pair work activities

1.2. Succesful activity

1.3. Not interfiere in the speaking activity

1.4. Activity: Describe your routine

2. Reading

2.1. Interest

2.2. Spendti tiem preparing the task (Illustration, Keys, discussion)

2.3. Support the pupils

2.4. Not encourage pupils to read aloud

2.5. Activity: Read a short story about Pinocho

3. Writing

3.1. Based on parallel texts and guide the pupils (cues)

3.2. Be sensitive with the corrections

3.3. Activity: Write a short paragraph describing the family

4. Listening

4.1. Prepare for the listening activity

4.2. Anticipate the listening

4.3. Concentrate on understanding the message (pupils)

4.4. Make the students to parcipate and relisten the record

4.5. Listening: Listen to a song about Roxette and pay attention to the verbs