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Science-Electricity by Mind Map: Science-Electricity
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7Ja: Live and Dangerous

General Safety Rules

Never touch the bare metal parts of plugs

Never poke things into sockets

Keep electricity away from water

Dont plug too many things in at once

Never use something that is damaged

Lesson safety rules

Show circuits to your teacher before you turn them on

Never invent your own circuits without supervision

If youre changing your circuit make sure that the power is off!


Insulator: An insulator is something that does not let electric current to flow through it

Conductor: A conductor is something that lets electric current go through it

Cell:A cell is the part of the circuit that gives out electrical current. See also: battery, variable power supply.

Battery:A battery is the part of the circuit that gives out electrical current. Its got a higher voltage than a cell

Variable Power Supply:A Variable Power Supply is the part of the circuit that gives out electrical current. Its voltage can be adjusted.

Current: Current is the flow of electricity through a conductor

Resistance: If something has resistance it makes the electrons flowing through it harder to get through. eg. A bulb

7Jb:Using electricity

How do we use electricity?

When current flows through wires they get hot. Heat made by electricity can be very useful.If a piece of metal gets too hot then it gives of heat. Light bulbs have a very thin wire called a filament the filament has very high resistance so that when a current flows through a filament the filament gets so hot that is glows.

A fuse is a piece of wire that is designed to me;t if the current gets too big. In most equiptmentthe fuse is located in the plug

7Jc: Model Circuits

How can use models to help us think about electricity?

All materials are made of atoms and all atoms have electrons inside them.Current is a flow of electrons and carries them to the components in the circuit

7Jd: Series and Parallel

Series circuits

A series circuit is just one big loop, all components inside the loop.

If a bulb breaks in a series circuit then the circuit wont work anymore

Parallel circuits

A parallel circuit is a circuit with branches leading of to other circuits.

In a parallel circuit if a bulb breaks then the branch that bulb is in doesnt work


How do our bodies use electricity?

When you move, your brain sends electrical impulses to your muscles. These impulses move through your nerves. Your heart is controlled by electrical impulses, just like all muscles in your body.

If a patints heart stops beating the doctors use a defibrillator, it sends electricity through your body

If impulses dont reach all parts in your body then doctors fit you with a pacemaker, a very small cell that carries impulses to your muscles