External Recruitment Sources

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External Recruitment Sources by Mind Map: External Recruitment Sources

1. High Schools and Vocational Schools

1.1. ensure ca constant supply of trained individuals with specific job skills

1.2. loan employees to schools to assist in the training programs

2. Community Colleges

2.1. are sensitive to the specific employment needs

2.2. graduate highly sought-after students with marketable skills

3. Colleges and Universities

3.1. major recruitment source for potential professional, technical, and management employees.

4. Competitors in Labor Market

4.1. call poaching. => ~ 30% of the movement in labor.

5. Former Employees

5.1. boomerang effect. => brings the benefit: firms know strengths and weaknesses; employees know the company.

6. Unemployed

6.1. provide a valuable source to recruit

7. Self-Employed Workers

7.1. may be true entrepreneurs who are ingenious and creative

8. Military Personnel

8.1. were found to be hard working, smart, and intense; had leadership experience and were flexible. =>hiring them.

9. Ex-offenders

9.1. bring benefit: they were grateful for the jobs and hard working.