Block 1: Big ideas in organisations

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Block 1: Big ideas in organisations by Mind Map: Block 1: Big ideas in organisations

1. Marketing

1.1. Marketing Process

1.1.1. Mission, Vision and Values

1.1.2. Marketing Research

1.1.3. External Environment

1.2. Marketing Concept

1.2.1. Promotions

1.2.2. Pricing

1.2.3. Services

1.2.4. Non Profit

1.3. Marketing and Operations

2. Finances

2.1. Types of Financing

2.1.1. Bank Finances Overdrafts Facility Financing

2.1.2. Leasing

2.1.3. Equity IPO Shares

2.1.4. Venture Finance Private Equity Hedge Funds

2.2. New Channels

2.2.1. Crowdfunding

2.2.2. Business Lending

3. Operations

3.1. Operations Management

3.1.1. Operations Strategy Capacity and Facilities Decisions Supply Chain Design and Integration Decisions Technology Adoption Decisions Workforce and Organisation Decisions Performance Objectives

3.1.2. Operations Managers Design Tasks Planning and Control Improvement

3.1.3. Input-Process-Output

3.1.4. Focused Operations Market Segment Concentrating on one performance Objective Volume Technology Specialty

3.2. Products

3.2.1. Product Development Design Thinking Six Principles, Walley (2017) Product Design and Service Design Walley (2017) Johnston and Clark (2005) Quality Function Deployment

3.2.2. Pricing

4. Environments

4.1. Internal

4.1.1. Company Leadership

4.1.2. Human Resources Employees Target Audience

4.1.3. Financial Resources

4.1.4. Equipment and Technology

4.2. External

4.2.1. Political Factors

4.2.2. Economic Factors Microeconomic Environment Macroeconomic Environment

4.2.3. Social and Cultural Factors Cultural Divides in Western/Eastern Countries Attitudes towards ethics in products Treatment of Animals Working Conditions

4.2.4. Technological Factors