The Indo Pacific region

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The Indo Pacific region by Mind Map: The Indo Pacific region

1. What exactly is this term?

1.1. Is primarily a Geographic and geostrategic term, Linking two oceans - Indian oceans plus the Pacific.

2. Why in news?

2.1. Important development- Ministry of External Affairs has recently set up INDO PACIFIC and OCEANIA Division.

3. Why it is important?

3.1. 1 It contributes more than half of the world's GDP and population. 2 Rising Chinese Hegemony is upsetting the balance of power on Asia and other regions. 3 Possibility of a Political and geostrategic bloc named QUAD to counter Chinese aggression. 4 US, Germany, Japan and other major countries have designed their Indo Pacific strategies considering its importance. 5 Massive resources in the region such as fisheries, polymetallic nodules, oil and gas etc.

4. India's stand on Indo Pacific region

4.1. 1 India seeks cooperation for an architecture which seeks to mainstream peace and Security in the region. 2 Free, Open and Inclusive Indo Pacific region with common rules-based order. 3 India seeks to counter Belt and Road initiative of China by its partnership-based approach with other countries.

5. Bottlenecks/ shortcomings for India:

5.1. 1 India's decision not to join RCEP ( Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) could be a hindrance. 2 Huge Chinese presence in the region is perhaps the biggest issue. 3 No bilateral agreement e.g Free trade Agreements ( FTAs) with countries such as Australia, New Zealand, etc. 4 India's historic and political shyness is also a cause.

6. Opportunities

6.1. 1 India can wonderfully combine Act East policy, SAGAR initiative, Indo Pacific region strategy, etc to have a presence in this region. 2 Great scope is there in The humanitarian assistance and Disaster Relief .eg Through Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure ( CDRI). 3 Promotion of services exports in the region (( in future)). 4 promotion of environmental sustainability e.g management of fisheries, renewable energy etc. 5 Cooperation in Scientific domains such as Artificial intelligence, Internet of things, Space technology etc