Industrial IoT use case in Quality Control

Quality Control on IoT

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Industrial IoT use case in Quality Control by Mind Map: Industrial IoT use case in Quality Control

1. Overview

1.1. 26 billion devices installed units by 2020

1.2. Refers to ever growing network of physical objects that feature an IP address for connectivity that occurs between these objects & other internet enabled devices/systems.

2. Key componeents

2.1. Things

2.2. Communication Infrastructure

2.3. Computing Infrastructure

3. Defining Quality Control Role

3.1. The hardware/software convergence of Quality Control

3.2. A working system is not sufficient

3.3. Large number of sensor interactions

4. IOT's QC Complexity

4.1. Device interaction layer

4.1.1. Conformance with standards

4.1.2. Interoperability

4.1.3. Security Identity and Authentication Data Protection Data Encryption Storage data security in local and remote clouds

4.2. User Interaction layer

4.2.1. Network capability and devices level tests

4.2.2. Usability and user experience

4.2.3. The IoT services and back-end IoT environment

5. Testing Areas

5.1. Connectivity

5.2. Security

5.3. Compatibility

5.4. Functionality

5.5. Performance

5.6. Exploratory

6. Solutions and Framework Opportunities

6.1. ThingWorx

6.2. Everthing


6.4. B-Scada

6.5. nPhase

6.6. Oracle

7. Closing remarks


7.2. Top: It is not what you see

7.3. Bottom: It is beyond than that

8. Retrofit and Future-Proof Wireless Connectivity for Industry 4.0

8.1. longer term reliability

8.2. Integrability

8.3. Manageability

9. Impacting Quality Control

9.1. Perform predictive maintenance

9.2. Monitor production remotely

9.3. Automate production processes