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Lead Generation by Mind Map: Lead Generation

1. What

1.1. What Is Lead Generation

1.2. What Things to Take care DuringLeadGeneration

1.2.1. Quality of Lead

1.2.2. Cost Of Lead

1.3. What is Expectation - how many Leads you want ?..

2. Why

2.1. Why it Call Lead Generation

2.2. Why We Need To Do Lead Generation

2.2.1. Create sale

2.2.2. Increase organic Customer

2.3. Why not Just buy leads.

3. When

3.1. B2B

3.2. B2C

4. How

4.1. How can We Generate Leads

4.1.1. Paid Methods FB Ads Low Cost Low Quality of Leads Good For the Brand Recall Google Ads Tool - Google Auto Suggest Target :- Long Tail Keywords

4.1.2. Organic Mathods

4.2. How to Convert Stranger into Buyer

4.2.1. 1.Grab the Attention of Users

4.2.2. 2.Put CTA On your Landing Page

4.2.3. 3.Land him on LP through CTA

4.2.4. 4. Present your offer in the return of his detail (name, Email, contact no.)