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1. How does Quincy know so much about Harry's past?

1.1. Quincy knows what's under Harry's shirt ("monstrosity under your shirt")

1.2. Knows details about how his dad died

2. Marissa sus??

2.1. At concert she says “told you we would get a good view” as she smiled evilly

2.2. Harry comes down off of the stage straight to her and asks "are you here alone?"

3. What's Chavem's role in all of this??

3.1. Convinced aven to take the job on tour when she said she didn’t want to

3.2. Was it a set up from the start?

3.3. did the lady in NYU suggested aven to him because she saw the duplicty picture??

3.4. Possibly could be malakia?

4. Aven related to Malakai?

4.1. 1: Her mom is his long lost daughter?

4.2. 2: Her mom is his ex-lover & Aven is his biological daughter?

5. Who's chasing Harry?

5.1. Sent from avens mom ?

5.2. Actually after aven?

6. What does Aven have to "learn"?

6.1. Why kill her if she needs to learn something?

6.1.1. trying to get her mom out of hiding?

6.1.2. wants to punish her mom?

6.1.3. thinks she knows more than she should? (a liability)