Freedom and Discipline

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Freedom and Discipline by Mind Map: Freedom and Discipline

1. Conventional

1.1. Freedom

1.1.1. The quality or state of being free, as in the absence of necessity, coercion or constraint in choice (Webster)

1.2. Discipline

1.2.1. 1)punishment 2)control gained by enforcing obedience or order 3)training that corrects, molds or perfects the mental faculties or moral character (Webster)

2. Montessori

2.1. Freedom

2.1.1. Montessori linked freedom to liberty, the ability or permission the children have to decide their day

2.2. Discipline

2.2.1. Environmentally supported creation within the child that governs the choices they make from their developing will NOT coming from fear of consequences from outside forces

3. Independencce

3.1. Independence is only possible through the liberty to choose for ones’ self and this is what the Casa provides for the First Plane child

4. Limits

4.1. “the safety and social interests of the community as a whole define the limits to any one individual’s freedom”

4.2. As a child grows, they are developing their ability to be themselves within limits like the banks of a river accommodating different levels of water

5. Will and Obedience

5.1. 3 levels of obedience

5.1.1. 1)Follows internal edicts only obeying if it aligns with those commands

5.1.2. 2)Can sublimate their needs to obey adult commands

5.1.3. 3)Enthusiastically follows adult commands and accepts the wisdom and help from authority figures

5.2. The will of a child in the 2nd Psychological Stage of Work is becoming more conscious and influences the decisions of the child

6. Conclusion: the interactions between the child’s freedom, descipline and will/obedience are happening all the time and fully supported by the Montessori Casa in their development

7. Liberty

7.1. Liberty is permission to choose given from external control. Liberty can be surrendered, taken away, or denied

7.2. The entire Casa is built on the premise of liberty. We use the child’s ability to concentrate as the guide as to when to grant more and more liberties

8. Becka, Michelle. Freedom and Discipline Paper for MNW 2020