Poverty in Latin America

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Poverty in Latin America by Mind Map: Poverty in Latin America

1. Comparative approach: To study the poverty in latin America investigators compared the economies of two different continents, Asia and Latin America, others factors that contributed to have an specific answer were the population, the number of companies operating in the continent , natural resources, politics and more. Obviously other social sciences were involved to lead to a specific and necessary conclusion.

2. Approaches

3. Research Techniques

3.1. The documentary technique was used since we collected previous information and compared the different rates of poverty and types of economies in Asia and Latin America, we always have the information to support our every single basis.

3.1.1. Sensus- Questionnarie (Instrument): The Social Panorama of Latin America analyzes the evolution of poverty and extreme poverty, income inequality and social spending in Latin America. - Questionnaire that obtains information about the different countries such as the life quality, unemployment, families etc.

4. Education and the generation of jobs play an important role in reducing poverty. Thanks to them foreign countries reduced their poverty rate

5. Conclusion

6. Analysis

6.1. China was able to increase its job opportunities making it decrease its amount of people living in extreme poverty from 88 percent in 1981 to 0.7 percent of its population living in extreme poverty in 2015 thanks to this China became the country with the best educational system. Meaning that if latin America invested in new jobs the index of poverty will decrease.

7. The hypothesis says that, if people are employed and educated, the economy of the latin american families would increase.

8. Hypothesis

9. Define the problem

9.1. The statement of the problem is how would the continent improve their state of extreme poverty? when would they be a continent with cero people living in the streets with nothing to eat? which would be the decisions that the government would take to recover from their extreme poverty?

10. Observation

10.1. The world is very varied, in some places people are living the best life, but, in others people is going through rough times, one of this places is Latin America, which is going through problems and one of them is poverty, this can be noticed because in some parts of it, people do not have a steady place where to live, the food scarses so many times and some people that does have where to live, the place, is not always comfortable, clean, organized, etc