The Circle

Mindmap The Circle

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The Circle by Mind Map: The Circle

1. Author: Dave Eggers

1.1. American writer, editor and publisher

1.2. Born in Boston (1970), one of four siblings

1.3. Studied journalism at university

1.4. Wrote about parents dying from cancer and taking care of his little brother after

1.4.1. Memoir: A heartbreaking work of staggering genius Became best-seller About: trying to continue life as cool young man, but leading double life as father role for younger brother

1.5. Goal with writing the Circle

1.5.1. Warning against the dangers of social media

1.5.2. Warning against technology companies gaining too much information (and therefore power) Google Facebook Instagram Apple Twitter

1.6. Is a man: influence on book

1.6.1. Love life of Mae is more about sex than about love (which is more often how men experience it)

1.6.2. Style and language are quite direct and not fussy

2. Storyline

2.1. Structure

2.1.1. Flashbacks No real flashbacks, but Mae telling about previous events Mae telling about her past relationship with Mercer Mae telling about her old job

2.1.2. Flash forwards No flash forwards

2.1.3. Organisation of the plot Exposition: heaven on earth Brief history of the Circle Mae thinks working at the Circle is super cool and everything is exciting and amazing Rising action: social feeds/needs Company takes up all of her time Mae fails in being active online Climax: transparent Mae Mae gives herself to the Circle completely by being totally transparent Mae sends drones after Mercer: he commits suicide Mae does not help Kalden/Ty to dismantle the Circle, she betrays him and makes sure the Circle is never destroyed Falling action: mixed feelings Mae has mixed feelings about betraying Kalden/Ty Resolution: to infinity... and beyond As Annie lies in a coma, Mae is frustrated that she does not know what dreams Annie is having

2.2. Realistic

2.2.1. The story is quite realistic Companies like Google and Facebook are very similar to how the Circle operates They keep track of every website people look at The story is a bit extreme sometimes Sending an enormous amount of drones after someone is not that realistic Placing chips in kids to always know where they are Illustrate where technological innovation could go if we are not careful

2.3. Plot twists

2.3.1. Mae betrayed Tyn Protegonist: sympathetic, not expect she would chose to do the wrong thing.

2.4. Favourite chapter

2.4.1. Ending scene: kept me thinking about where technology could go in the future and if we should want that

2.5. Ending

2.5.1. Circle never stop invading people's privacy: even thoughts should be public

3. Characters

3.1. Flat

3.1.1. Three Wise Men Tom Stenton Personality Role in Circle Eamon Bailey Personality Passionate about total transparency Ty Gospodinov/Kalden Function Personality Thinks privacy is important and the Circle should stop invading it

3.1.2. Francis Garaventa Works at the Circle Dates Mae on and off Has sexual difficulties Mae thinks he is adorable and deeply sympathetic Had difficult childhood Nerdy Shy Awkward

3.1.3. Mercer Medeiros Mae's ex-boyfriend Doesn't want to have an online presence Wants to live in real life Personality Confident Outspoken Good with hands Does not care about his appearance Wants everything that the Circle is not Believes that online contact is shallow, meaningless Wants to have real human connection Does not want to live under the surveillance of the Circle

3.2. Round

3.2.1. Mae Holland Protagonist 24 years old Gets job at the Circle via her friend Annie Has sexual relationships Kalden/Ty Mercer Francis Victim/Villain? Victim of the system Villain Personal development Becomes distant from her old life (parents, friends) First: bit skeptical of the Circle's policies Later: enthusiastic advocate

3.2.2. Annie High-ranking member of the Circle In 'Gang of 40' Comes from wealthy family Personality Career Very cheerful Personal development Circle Friendship with Mae

3.3. Personal look at the characters

3.3.1. Liked the best Ty mysterious highly intelligent

3.3.2. Would trade with I would like to trade with Stenton. He is very powerful, but leads the Circle down the wrong path. When I trade with him, I would use his power for the right reasons.

3.3.3. Made into a movie This book is made into a movie (2017) Mae is played by Emma Watson Eamon is played by Tom Hanks Annie is played by Karen Gillan Kalden/Ty is played by John Boyega

3.3.4. Disagreed with action Choice to betray Kalden/Ty. If she did not do that, she could prevent his (potential) death and she could lead the Circle to the right path with Kalden/Ty.

3.3.5. Would like to meet Eamon Bailey: passionate and inspiring person. I would like to meet with him and discuss our different views on the role of technology should fulfill in our lives

4. Themes

4.1. Setting

4.1.1. Place Near San Fransisco in California Mae speaks about Golden Gate Bridge On the company campus of the Circle Offices Party location Healthcare/Fitness Dorms (for sleeping)

4.1.2. Time In very near future (about 5 years from now for example)

4.2. Symbolism

4.2.1. Number of screens Starts 2 screens when starts working at the Circle and over time she amasses 9 screens This symbolises that she rises in the ranks of the Circle and that she exposed to more and more information

4.2.2. The transparant shark in Stenton's aquarium The shark consumes all in it's path, the Circle absorbs all information The circle wants to become transparent, but the shark shows that this could be terrifying

4.2.3. The name the Circle See title for clarification

4.2.4. Mae's name Mae is short for Maebelline, referring to a make up brand It shows that Mae is superficial: she follows others and is not skepitcal to her surroundings

4.3. Title

4.3.1. The Circle is the company where the story takes place A circle is the most perfect shape It is round It is exactly the same everywhere The first letter (C) is an open circle that needs to be completed The goal of the company is to be completed

4.4. Themes

4.4.1. Dangers of technology Main danger: individuals want to obtain too much information about The world Other people Themselves Illustrated through characters Mercer Annie Mae Tyranny of transparency When people are under supervision, they behave different from when they are not Constant surveillance Government can see everything due to technology Question raised by book How to deal with an increasingly interconnected world?

4.4.2. Family Importance of family: illustration of how family influences a characters development Mae Francis Annie

4.4.3. Religion Used to question if technology leads to heaven or hell Start novel, about campus of Circle: 'My God, Mae thought. It's heaven' Founders are the Three Wise Men Kalden kisses Mae in sign of the cross after they had sex Drunk man tells Mae she has 'found a way to save all souls' and draws a halo in the air

4.4.4. Identity Mae Trying to find herself in working world Needs to create an online identity Mercer says that Mae creates an online identity at the expense of her real life identity

4.4.5. Human Rights Bailey/The circle (as company) Knowledge is a basic human right Mercer Afraid of constant invasion of privacy

5. Literature lense

5.1. Paradox

5.1.1. More communication and transparency can block people's true understanding and connection

5.2. Allusion

5.2.1. To Christianity in the novel: Kalden kissing Mae in the shape of a cross and calling the Circle's executives the Wise Men.